(Ch. Cherokee Legend Floyd   X   Little Ponds Swim's Crown Jewel)

 In Captain's six generation pedigree 88 of the 126 are champions.  Grandparents are both in the Hall of Fame (Grandfather - Ch. Cherokee Legend Rock & Grandmother- Ch. Helfyre Little Ponds Promise).  Captain Dan's pedigree is very impressive.

Captain Dan above, April 2010.  Still just a baby Buc at 7 months old. 


(Above just a baby at 6 weeks old) 


How Buccaneers Captain Dan got his name:

As a small token of thanks to Dan & Liz Karshner of Little Pond Bulldogs & for Dan's long trip to our home in Florida from Ohio; we are honored to give his pick of our littler his name sake.  We hope Captain Dan will make him proud.

Captain Dan is our first breed by male in our show team & we are humbled & honored of his heritage & pedigree.  Thanks again Dan for your educated eye, help & guidance!


(Dan stacking Captain Dan at 9 weeks old below.)

Baby photos of Captain Dan below at just 6 weeks. 

Captain Dan is currently enjoying being a puppy & will start training soon. 

First show will be Spring 2010. 





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