Kevin & Michelle Swim - In the ring photos (2009 & 2010)


We are fanciers, exhibitors and breeders of English Bulldogs & are currently in the process of developing the Buccaneer Bulldogs line. 

Our primary focus at this time is showing; however, we will be doing a very selective planned breeding once or possibly twice a year.

(Bucc-a-neer Bulldogs is a registered AKC kennel name.)


Our Thanks  to Lakewinds (Fred & Caroline Haynes):

There is so much to say about Lakewinds, Fred & Caroline Haynes; it’s hard to know where to begin.  Simply stated - We would not be exhibitors, fanciers or breeders of English bulldogs if not for Fred & Caroline.  They are truly responsible for helping to get us started & we will forever be grateful to them for this. 

Upon seeing their amazing Ch. Lakewinds Shiver Me Timbers "Quinton" we knew of all the english bulldogs in the country we just had to have one of theirs. Their line is truly a standout in the breed & carries with it the precious heritage & true bloodlines from England.  The amazing heads & heavy bones of their line are truely impressive. How ironic that our kennel name would turn out to be almost a tribute to Quinton. 

Caroline & Fred have been angels over the last few years always answering the endless questions & helping whenever we have asked.  Their Charlie (Lakewinds Prediction) is the one male we have chosen to start our line & it is a pleasure & honor to co-own him with Fred & Caroline.  Charlie is now a member or our family & where everything really began for us in the show ring. 

We again want to thank Fred & Caroline for their encouragement & understanding & most importantly for intrusting Charlie to us and giving us the opportunity to start our line with Lakewinds blood, Argh!


Our Thanks to Little Pond Bulldogs (Dan & Liz Karshner):

When we started our search for a true show quality female to start our line, we knew it was going to be a very long road.  Once again we scoured the country & at the very top of the list sat Little Pond Bulldogs, Liz & Dan Karshner.  Even more impressive to us than their notoriety & HOF breeder status which in itself is staggering, was the fact that they have a reputation of producing not just beautiful bulldogs but very healthy ones. 

After many months of waiting & some pleading, Dan & Liz finally bestowed on us the great honor of co-owning our CJ to show, enjoy & someday breed to develop our line.  We wanted & are happy to have their continued guidance & impute with CJ.  Most breeders consider this first female to be sacred & one of the most important decisions they will ever make.

We are & forever will be humbly honored & appreciative to Dan & Liz!



Our Thanks to Emerald Bulldogs (Nancy Isakson):

After getting started in the show ring, we eventually meet & became friends with other exhibitors & breeders.  One of those was Nancy Isakson, Emerald Bulldogs.  Every time we knew an Emerald Bulldog was going to be at a show we already had a 90% chance in guessing who was going to win best of breed for the day.  We then discovered Nancy’s amazing track record of producing champions with very little breeding.

Emerald Bulldogs line is impressive & Nancy has a lot to be proud of.  Not only is she a HOF breeder she is also a true advocate for the breed.  Her service of giving to this breed is impressive with the many past & present boards she serves on.  She is very tenacious in & out of the ring & has a true passion for showing & breeding to better the breed.

Thank you Nancy for being a true mentor & for giving us the opportunity to co-own beautiful baby Hope “Emerald First Lady”. 

Especially now at this pivotal time as we start our line we want to thank you!  We are looking forward to the future with high Hope(s) & sincere appreciation!




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